Saturday, June 02, 2012

Sam Spade and the Donuts of Destiny

A symphony of flavor and corporate greed: it's not just for breakfast any more!

Chapter 1: Cubicle Hell

Sam spayed his cat. A cat named Sam. I am Sam. Sam I am. Do you like green eggs and ham?

Have them during your commute! Will you eat them with some fruit? Verdant breakfast on the brain. Breakfast driving you insane!

Truly it is spoken, that the doughnut shall set ye free!

Delightful doughnuts, rich with chocolate, dunked into a piping hot cup of coffee. Ambrosia! Chocolate glazed, or Boston Creme; jelly, or lemon; tiny little bite-size donut holes. What more could a true blue American office drone ask for? Certainly not a raise, or a promotion.

Beware the Emerald Omelette of Outsourcing!

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