Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baby's First IPv6 Tunnel

Yesterday I registered for an account at SixXS, got the account details, and then requested a heartbeat tunnel.
This afternoon I received the config details for the tunnel. I set up the tunnel on Lachesis and was then able
to successfully ping6 a few IPv6 addresses and browse a few IPv6-only websites.


(Apologies to any Minbari who may find that expression offensive or confusing :)


  1. Installed the AICCU software on the CentOS 6.0 server: "yum install aiccu"
  2. Edited the config file "/etc/aiccu.conf" with my tunnel config info. Set the username, password, protocol (tic), server, and tunnel_id. Left the rest of the file as-is.
  3. Ran "chkconfig aiccu on" and "service aiccu start" to bring up the tunnel.
  4. Ran "ping6" to ping an external IPv6 address. Success!!!
  5. Connected to the server via vnc over an ssh tunnel, and started firefox.
  6. Did a google search for IPv6-only sites.
  7. Browsed to "" for a list.
  8. Tested connection at "". Success!!!
The site linked to a free whitepaper: "The 7 Deadly Traps of IPv6 Deployment and How to Avoid Them". Next step is to read through this.

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