Saturday, October 15, 2011

Progress on IPv6 project

Status so far:

  1. Allocated a server for a BLU IPv6 testbed at our colo facility. Needs hard drives.
  2. Talked to colo customer support; turns out they don't provide any IPv6 support.
  3. Asked for recommendations on BLU discussion list.
  4. Recommendation #1: Do a hybrid IPv4/IPv6 system, instead of a pure IPv6-only system
  5. Recommendation #2: Use the tunnel broker to connect to the IPv6 Internet
  6. Registered for a SixXS account for the project
  7. Requested a heartbeat-type tunnel from my SixXS account


  1. Browsed to and read through the "10 Easy Steps to IPv6" page. Determined that the best type of tunnel for my purposes is a Heartbeat tunnel.
  2. Used the SixXS direct signup link to register for an account.
  3. Once I received the account, I requested a heartbeat tunnel.

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